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Uwell Caliburn G - The new king?

Uwell Caliburn G - The new king?

The original Caliburn by Uwell released in early 2019 blew everyone away with how well it vaped. The flavour was better than any other pod on the market and it quickly became the number one pod device. 

This was even more impressive considering it was Uwell’s first pod device.

The Caliburn G is the latest version of the Caliburn and in our opinion is an even better device than the original.


With larger 690mah battery you'll get about the same amount of vaping time as the orignial because it's pushing out more power. The Caliburn G has a max 18W compared to 11W for the Caliburn.

Most vapers will still get an entire day with each charge but If you’re a heavy vaper you might need to charge it during the day to get you through.

The coils in the Caliburn G are now replaceable so you won't need to throw out the entire pod when the coil dies. You can still buy extra pods but for the most part you'll only need to purchase replacement coils.

This is great for reducing waste and it's cheaper too because spare coils on their own don't cost as much as the pod+coil.
The new 0.8ohm mesh coils deliver even more flavour than the original and produce a warmer vape. We performed a side-by-side test of our favourite e-liquids in both the old and new Caliburn and noticed an increase in flavour.

Charging is done via a USB-C port that’s positioned at the bottom of the device. You’ll get around one to two pod refills before you need to charge, which is about the same as the original.

The improved airflow is another nice feature. You can change the draw depending on the orientation of the pod. Just flip it around to go from a tighter draw to a looser mouth-to-lung draw.


The Caliburn G is slightly larger but it’s hardly noticeable and the grooves along the body give it a nicer feel in your hand and a more distinctive look.

The fire button on the Caliburn G is the same metal alloy as the body, replacing the plastic button on the original Caliburn. The new button is also super responsive and has a better clickier feel when firing the device.

The mouthpiece has also changed and even though I preferred the mouthpiece on the original, it didn’t take long to get used to the new design.

There are 6 colours available, ranging from the subdued Grey, Rosy Brown and Black to the more vibrant Blue, Red and Green.

Uwell have knocked it out of the park again with the Caliburn G. It maintains the features which made the original such a hit while improving on the original in almost every way.

If you’re looking to upgrade your current pod, or you’re looking for your first pod kit then the Caliburn G is definitely worth considering.

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