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Free Shipping anywhere in NZ

Uppen Vape Pen Kit

by Upends

UPENDS Uppen combines elegance and utility. Its ergonomical design makes it very simple to use. It utilizes a refined antibacterial mouthpiece and the new 1.2 Ohm ETCHIP™ coil which gives the next level of mouth to lunge experience.

The e-liquid transfer is smooth, at a perfect temperature and speed. It has a magnetic auto-focus function, and the design is completed with 18k gold pen clip. 

The Uppen Vape Pen Kit consists of Uppen Battery & Cap, Uppen Refillable Pod and a USB Cable.

What's in the box:

1x Uppen Battery

1x Uppen Refillable Pod

1x USB Cable

1x User Guide & Warranty Card



Material: Anodised Aluminium

Size: 16 x 134mm

Battery Capacity: 600mAh

Average Output: 10W